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There is an increasing trend of opting for artificial grass in combination with a shock-absorbing surface. This allows children to fully enjoy a safe play environment. The combination of a shock-absorbing surface and our product Playgrass provides a safe and durable solution for use in playgrounds and under play equipment, both indoors and outdoors. Play equipment must meet strict standards and depending on the height, a specific HIC value (Head Injury Criterion) is established. This value represents the maximum fall height at which the risk of a fall is considered acceptable. The SAFEPAD 45 mm has a fall height of 3.06 m. Our shock absorption is also ideally suited for use with small sports fields. For larger fall heights, we have other thicknesses available.


Code 20800245000
Collection Safepad

Dimensions and weight

Thickness 45 mm
Dimensions 162 cm × 112 cm = 1,81 m²

Appearance and material

Colour Random


HIC value 3,06 m

Safepad 45

  • 162 cm × 112 cm = 1.81 m²
  • Safe surface
  • NEN-EN 1177 certified
  • Maximum fall height 3.06 meters
  • Strong and durable
  • Unparalleled test results

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