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This multifunctional SPRINTTRACK is designed for crossfit and heavy fitness purposes. It's not too slick but it's optimal for use with a power sled. The ideal solution for a gym or fitness space. This sprinttrack is made from high-quality artificial grass fibers that provide exactly the right resistance. The high density ensures an excellent quality with little to no wear and tear. The white lines and markings are wear-resistant because they are not printed on the track, but are made of white fibers.

Dimensions and weight

Pile height 16 mm
Height 18 mm
Width 200 cm
Length 11 m

Appearance and material

Production method Tufted
Gauge 3/8"
Stitch count (per 10 cm) 30
Stitch count (per m²) 31.500
Pile material Polyethylene
Colour Black


Application Fitness
UV Warranty 8 year north of and 5 year south of Paris

Sprinttrack | Green

  • Fast delivery
  • Available in 3 colors
  • For intensive use
  • Not realistic

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